Non-refundable Livestock Loan

Our citizens working in agriculture and animal husbandry sector are looking for ways to meet their urgent cash needs by applying for bank loans in order to meet some of their needs. However, in addition to bank loans, state-supported livestock loans can be shown as an alternative. fleshes this out

Since the interest rates on bank loans are high, individuals interested in the livestock sector apply primarily to state-funded loans in order to keep their income in balance.

What is a non-repayable livestock loan to farmers?

What is a non-repayable livestock loan to farmers?

Various information is available on the internet about non-repayable livestock loans. However, it is not possible to say that all this information is correct.

Non-refundable loans do not mean that they will not be repaid in full. It may also vary depending on the status of your project and the institution in which you use your loan. These loans, which are met by institutions such as Private, Provincial Directorates of Agriculture Bank, can be used in accordance with various criteria and it will be possible to say that a certain amount of the loan you have received is donated. So, which institution gives how much credit? What do we need to do in order to use grant credits?

In addition, farmers engaged in agricultural work may be covered by some state support. Our state, like the campaigns of banks, can also offer interest-free loans and grant loans to our farmers within a variety of opportunities.

What are the institutions that provide non-repayment livestock loans?

What are the institutions that provide non-repayment livestock loans?

We explained in the first part of our article that you can use credits by some institutions as non-refundable, ie as GRANT, but not all of these loans are grants. Now we will give information about the institutions that provide such loans and explain how much of them will be donated. Since grant loans are generally state-funded loans, the institutions we provide are completely state-owned and operate within the state.

Bank 80% Non-refundable Livestock Loan

Bank 80% Non-refundable Livestock Loan

The Bank provides certain animal husbandry supports for 42 provinces within the borders of our country. With a 75 % share of the European Union and 25% share of our state funding, it is one of the leading institutions offering the largest and highest quality grants to our farmers. GRANT Loans granted by ARDS reach 80 %. First of all, let’s take a look at the provinces where Bank has granted grant loans. If the list includes your province, you can go directly to the application details.

If the province you developed your project is located above, all you have to do is wait for the grant supports to start. The Bank makes public announcements at certain times by making announcements from newspapers, radio, and television.

Private Non-refundable Livestock Loan


As you know, Private is another institution that gives loans that you can use as a grant. With Private, you can improve your business by using grant loans. However, it is a misconception that Private does not support living and non-living animals. 

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