Self-employed quota: grants and solutions

We all know how difficult it is in Spain to be autonomous. And is that a self-employed quota can amount to more than 300 euros if, for example, the previous year a self-employed had more than 10 employees. That is one of the obligations that a freelancer has: the monthly payment of the self-employed quota.

A self-employed worker must quote from the first day of the start of the activity. In other countries this does not happen, since there is the possibility of not paying anything or paying very little until income is obtained. However, in Spain, the situation for self-employed workers is very difficult, especially after the severe recession that has plagued our country.
That is why more and more, many self-employed are forced to resort to loans to face with some guarantee the following months of life of their business.

However, banks offer fewer and fewer guarantees and give more headaches when it comes to obtaining immediate credit. But there are alternatives and we can help you.

How to calculate autonomous fee?


The self-employed quota is calculated on the basis of the contribution that the self-employed worker estimates they will have. And these contribution bases have a maximum and a minimum, established year after year by the Government of the day.
This amount will condition the benefits that the worker will receive in situations of sick leave or accident, retirement or in case of unemployment.

A 1% increase over last year causes the minimum base to be set at 893.10 euros and the maximum contribution base at 3.642 euros. If a self-employed person wants to have coverage for a temporary leave and chooses that type of benefits, the percentage on that basis to pay per month will be 29.8%. And this, except pluriempleo situation (26.50% in that case) is mandatory since 2008.

For example, a self-employed person who chooses the minimum contribution base will have a self-employed quota of € 267.03 per month . However, since 2013 there is an alternative for the new self-employed. It is a flat rate: 50 euros per month for those who enroll for the first time in the self-employed regime. At the beginning, it was for children under 30 but then it was extended and today any age range can opt for this rate as long as they meet all the requirements and are new self-employed.

Similarly, you should not forget that the self-employed, to that monthly fee, must add, as any person, taxes and procedures (VAT, IRPF …)

Spain, difficult country for self-employed workers

Spain, difficult country for self-employed workers

As we said, in Spain the situation of the self-employed is not easy . This situation has caused many to be forced to close their businesses after the crisis. Although the flat rate of 50 euros is a good option for new self-employed, we will see that in other countries have offered better alternatives for one of the most important bases of any economy.
In Italy, for example, self-employed workers only pay according to their earnings . If they have income, they will pay 20% to the State, while if they do not have them, they will not have to pay a euro. In Portugal the system is the same but the quota amounts to 24.5%. In France, an independent worker pays nothing the first year, whatever happens. In the United Kingdom there is a quota, between 13 58 euros, without quarterly VAT declarations. It is paid at the end of the year based on the income achieved.

And there are many more European countries (also the United States) that leave in evidence to the Spanish system of self-employed. That is why many people give up the possibility of opening their own business in autonomous regime. But while the thing does not change, there are alternatives for those first months so hard that everything has autonomy.

Pay your quota of self-employed comfortably

Pay your quota of self-employed comfortably

After the crisis, banks have closed the credit tap. That is why many freelancers are forced to close their business. There is no income and banks do not grant loans precisely because of that lack of income. But there are much more comfortable alternatives than bank loans. For example, those offered by entities such asRight Lending, which has the best conditions in online loans .

Right Lending offers quick and easy loans of up to 750 euros available in less than 24 hours . They are solutions for freelancers who need money urgently and without the need for paperwork or extensive paperwork. In addition, those who start and have the flat rate of 50 euros, may opt for a sufficient amount to face the first year without stress of any kind. Get your microcredit online quickly and with all the amenities you need in your return. Pay your quota of freelancers with all the facilities thatRight Lending offers.

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