Social housing loan – a big boost from the state

The acquisition of housing and rental housing will be well boosted by the state for this season. A new tax system will even be rolled out this year. It will promote and support projects with social objectives in the field of private park.

Taxation is there


This will result from February 1st with new tax breaks and tax aids that will gradually replace existing devices.

In practice, any owner who will rent his property with very affordable rates for all social and professional categories will benefit from significant tax relief ranging from 15% to 85%.

The State commits financially

The State commits financially

34 billion euros. This is the envelope of the Ministry of the budget for this year to finance four sectors: aid to stone, renovation and construction of social housing, support of mayors and aid to municipalities. 500 million euros will be allocated to stone aids, 3 billion euros will be a loan fund for the construction and renovation of social housing.

The state will help the town halls that build for 70 million euros. These new homes will be for newcomers. 1200 municipalities are concerned because they have started to build social housing.

Parliament gets into the race

Parliament gets into the race

The elected officials followed the Government in this decision, particularly on the main axes and in particular fiscal. Parliament maintains the Property Tax on Built-up Properties or TFPB.

This provision will apply as soon as new social housing is built. Until the next year, any social lessor will benefit from an exemption from the capital gain tax when it buys real estate.

To support these initiatives, the Energy Transition Tax Credit or CITE is available until December 31, 2017. It can be coupled with the eco-PTZ. Access to this provision is not conditional on the sources of income of the beneficiaries. 100,000 housing units will be financed for 854 million euros by ANAH, which will also support 300,000 homes in fragile condominiums.

Low incomes are not forgotten

Low incomes are not forgotten

Another good news: low-income households will still be subsidized through a budget of 15.4 billion euros against 1.7 billion euros in the framework of accommodation and support to housing.

Indeed, a budget of 15.4 billion euros will be allocated to the preservation of housing aid funding. Thus, the state will continue, in this way, to maintain its social commitments this year 2017

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